We place the key to Limitless Access in your hands. A snazzy smartphone with a fast processor, 9 hours of battery support and a power bank – it will sync your phone book, track your usage and assist you with pre-loaded apps.

Stay connected with everyone back home in India at a fraction of the cost. No more massive bill shocks or multiple bills to dispute! Frequent travellers can also get a Permanent Number.
We make sure that your budgets are never compromised. You don’t need to stress about constantly second-guessing your bill. Just pick your destination & travel carefree.

The benefits of our SIM cards:
• Huge savings, no bill shocks & transparent billing
• Free incoming calls for most countries
• Top up your charge phone on the move
• Get delivery at your doorstep
• 24×7 Customer Support while travelling


Whether it’s an email that you want to send to your colleagues or update your Instagram – Data is what gets it done. Needless to say our data cards are not only inexpensive, but they cover a large number of countries and provide excellent coverage while you are on the move.

Advantages of a Stayconnect data card:
• Inexpensive data plans
• Get delivery at your doorstep
• 24×7 Customer Support

We have attractive plans & packages for you in over 150 countries globally. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you can choose from 3000 different options across the world. All you have to do is choose your destination and your product, and we’ll get you going. Don’t forget to check out our Offers.

Travelling to a foreign land entails a lot of risk. Unforeseen events can often wreak havoc and spoil your entire trip. Whether you are travelling alone on business or with your family, the risks are equally relevant and we help to protect you. We empower you with travel policies that cover you for many such eventualities:

• Cancelled flight & lost baggage
• Emergency medicines/prescription filling
• Emergency cash & replacement passport
• Trip cancellation due to weather & terrorist incidents

It is our endeavour to provide you end-to-end travel solutions. If you are not sure of whether your forex agent is giving you a good deal or not; don’t worry. Very soon, we will bring to you a range of easy, reliable and on-time foreign exchange solutions. After all when we say, Limitless Access we mean it.